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How Smart Is That Phone?

I up-graded to my very first Smart Phone yesterday.

Never really needed one before. I have always maintained that my phones were there for my convenience, and the world of apps and games were the “thing” of the younger set.

But when life and livelihood move forward, so do I.

Life on a Smart Phone is overtaking the globe (whether we like it or not; whether we approve or not). Business potential with this development is so big that I can’t afford to ignore it.

So… I up-graded to my very first Smart Phone yesterday.

Am I intimidated? Yeah, maybe just a bit.

Am I excited? Yeah, quite a bit.

Am I crazy? Very well could be, but my inspiration today came from an old Chatelaine magazine I have harboured since it was released in October 1996.

There is just one article of interest and the excerpt I am proud of reads like this: “Choosing from more than 300 Internet access providers in Canada, Agnes Knowles, 79, of Courtenay, B.C., signed up…to cruise the Web and keep in touch with family…”

The Agnes Knowles quoted in this article is my mother. She has been gone for three years now but I still quote her story whenever I feel it necessary. What the article does not mention is that my mother, Agnes, was 78 when she bought her very first computer. She decided that was a cool way to keep in touch with her grandchildren and “speak their language”. Her friends thought she was crazy and women younger than her were quite in awe of her gumption.

And now I am following in Mother’s footsteps. I am a grandmother myself now and currently my three year old grandson can probably do more with a Smart Phone than me. But I am determined to change that; I am determined to remain current in this on-line space; I am determined to not be intimidated by new technologies; and I am determined to show my readership we are Smart Women! Smart enough to learn Smart Phones, and Smart Apps, and a Smart Income too!

Just another part of my retirement plan!!


What Does Your Retirement Look Like?

Everyone reading this post will have a different idea about what the dream retirement looks like.

I found a new site that I just love!  These two are living their retirement dream!  I think I am a bit of an armchair traveler compared to The GypsyNesters, but I do enjoy reading about their adventures!

Have a look and then drop back and let me know in the comments what retirement looks like to you!

Can You Put A Price Tag On Your Boomerang Kids?

Hopefully, my blog title question triggered a few different reactions for you. I am the first to admit that I would go to the ends of the earth for my kids… but bailing them out of their debt by jeopardizing your retirement funds is neither good parenting nor fiscally educational. If you are looking at having adult children return home you might want to read this article: – or send it to your friend, the pushover parent.


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What is Your “Best Way” To Enjoy Retirement?

As I wrote the title to this post, I found myself hoping “You have thought about what you are going to do to enjoy your retirement, haven’t you?” You being You, my reader.

The article that prompted this thread was found via Yahoo: Wander over and read it and let me know what you are planning to do with your retirement.

Thought #1 is travel. The article discusses the beauty of the U.S. but I would wager that whatever your home country is, there are sites to be seen, explored and enjoyed as a retirement project.

Thought #2 is volunteering. You have talents, skills, knowledge that would be of value somewhere, and the sense of community amongst volunteers in an organization is so enriching. And you would be surprised what you take away from the experience a well.

Thought #3 is write. If you are of retirement age, you have several decades of life, experiences and relationships under your belt. After several decades in ElderCare I can guarantee that younger generations will appreciate your memories of family, places, times. We used to marvel what our parents had lived through: the birth of the car, world wars, to space travel. But we have lived through a revolution in music history, technological development that is unsurpassed and global community that was inconceivable just 30 years ago. My grandson will never know a phone with a cord, a scratchy record or a car with a running board.

Finally, thought #4 is Start A Business. This has been my ticket to a comfortable retirement. I have thrived with my learning curve. I have an international network of friends and colleagues. I jump out of bed every morning excited about my new day. It has its own set of rewards but it also allows me to travel, I volunteer a part of me somewhere, somehow every day, and… I get to write. Two blogs on the go, with a third in the planning; follow-up mails to keep in touch with the fabulous people who are now a part of that life; and business proposals that are never turned down because it is me planning for my business.


Please leave a comment for this post!!! Share your retirement dreams!!

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